The Panun Kashmir (PK), a frontal organisation of displaced Kashmiri Hindus, today alleged that the Omar Abdullah government was facilitating the settlement of Pakistani nationals in the state in the name of “rehabilitating former terrorists who illegally crossed over to Pakistan for arms training in the 1990s”.

Members of the organisation alleged that the Central government was allowing violation of national and international laws and Pakistani nationals, mostly wives and children of terrorists, were illegally travelling from Nepal to Jammu and Kashmir to seek benefits from the government.

PK president Ashwani Kumar Chrangoo released a document prepared by the organisation, ‘Policy and procedure for return of ex-militants to Jammu and Kashmir state’, at a press conference here. He said the rehabilitation policy announced by the Omar-led government was openly against the interests of the country.

“There are reports that these ex-militants, upon return to Kashmir, are invited to big functions with lavish feasts where anti-India rhetoric is at its peak. The policy has opened illegal flood gates for Pakistani citizens to settle in India forever as its citizens,” he said.

Chrangoo said even the policy approved by the government was being violated as most of these individuals entered the country from the Nepal route, which was illegal. “Under the policy, three entry points – Wagah-Attari (Punjab), Chakan-da-Bagh/Salamabad crossings (J&K) and Indira Gandhi International Airport (New Delhi) – were identified for the return of such individuals but government data says nearly 241 militants have illegally returned through Nepal,” Chrangoo said.

“Lakhs of refugees, who are living in the state and are struggling for their citizenship rights, compensation and voting rights for the past 66 years, have been in-principle sidelined by this policy while ex-terrorists, their Pakistani wives and children have been given preference over them,” he said.

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