Report by Subhash Chopra

Expressing concern over the Chinese incursions in the Doulat Beg Oldie sector of Ladakh in violation of international rules, the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has called for a peaceful resolution of the issue. And it cautioned against emotional exaggeration and media hype  ;to avoid escalation of tensions between India and China. It also called for calm and peace between India and Pakistan over the treatment of prisoners in the two countries resulting in the death of Sarabjit Singh of India  ;in Lahore and the murderous attack on Sannaullah Khan of Pakistan in Jammu. Both cases showed utter neglect  ;by the jail authorities in the two countries and were utterly condemnable.

Addressing a press conference at its Jamia Nagar headquarters in Delhi last Saturday , the Jamaat’s Amir, Maulana Jalaluddin, said there was  ;no room for any selective approach to the highly regrettable events and called on both countries to ensure justice and full protection to prisoners in each other’s countries. He questioned the media hype on ‘shaheed Sarabjit’  ;which raised the emotional temperature.  On the India-China standoff  ;in Ladakh, the Jamaat warned against letting the situation get out of hand with emotional outburst. In a veiled reference without naming  ;Samajwadi Party leader Mulayam Singh Yadav , the Jamaat’s press note  ;chided him for calling China as India’s Enemy Number One.  ; ;Jamaat secretary Ejaz Hassan said that the consequences of any confrontation between the two countries with a combined population of two and half a billion (arab) could be highly detrimental. It could drive the two nations, already spending over 18 per cent of their GDP on defence,  ;to spend even more on  ;armament and increase the burden on the poverty ridden population of both sides.

The Jamaat leaders, both through their press note and in reply to reporters’ questions, blamed the Samajwadi Party government of Uttar Pradesh for not presenting the Nimesh Commmission report in the state assembly and the continued imprisonment of  ;Tariq Qasmi and Khaled Mujahid falsely implicated in the Gorakhpur bomb blasts case.  ; ;

The commission set up by the Mayawati  ;government under Justice R.D. Nimesh  ;had cleared  ;the two men of terrorism  ;related charges.

The Jamaat’s concern for prisoners also took in the plight of those jailed  ;in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,  ;by America. It drew attention to the mass hunger fast for the last two months  ;by about 100 out of 166 prisoners still being detained there.
Commenting on crimes against women and incidents of rape of young children , the Jamaat  ;press note  ;offered its well known advice of suitable dress code for girls and curbs on intermixing of men and women besides ban on wine and drinks and drugs. There were no questions or answers on the issue at the all-male press conference.

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